GRODUK & BOUCAR is an art collective which gathers Margaux Hauduc and Oceane Carbou, both etching/printmaking graduates from Ecole Estienne. Based in Paris, they illustrate and screenprint their own visuals in their workshop. They work with themes and stories, developping a specific visual universe for each of their prints/painting series. They created exhibitions such as "MURDER IN THE POOL", "MINIGOLF", "MAGIC SHOP", "NIGHT HUNT". Besides their personnal art and production, they worked for musicians, festivals or magazines, making vinyl and books covers, gig posters, murals and set designs.





01.2019 - NIGHT HUNT exhibition at the Slow Galerie, Paris

11.2018 - Lazy Oaf's collective exhibition TAKE A BREAK, London

05.2018 - Collective exhibition alongside Anna Wanda Gogusey and Roca Balboa L'INCROYABLE FETE MAGIQUE at Le Point Ephemere, Paris

03.2018 - NIGHT HUNT exhibition at La Causa Galeria, Madrid

11.2017 - MAGIC SHOP exhibition at La Reguliere, Paris

09.2017 - Collective exhibition CHAMPIONS DU MONDE at L'Atelier Meraki, Paris

07.2017 - Collective exhibition NEW ORLEANS at the Slow Galerie, Paris

01.2017 - MINIGOLF exhibition at the Slow Galerie, Paris

07.2016 - THE VERY BEST OF exhibition at La Bicyclette, Paris

07.2016 - PLAYTIME installation at Playtime children fashion fair, Paris

11.2015 - MURDER IN THE POOL exhibition at the Slow Galerie, Paris